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Hair Care Tips For Pollution

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As much as your skin is exposed to air pollution, the dust and dirt can do a number on your hair as well. Moreover, the fact that hair is often left to little protection when it comes battling the harsh environment outside makes hair sooty, dirty and smudged with grease.

Between serums, sprays, lotions and hair care experts, your hair is evidently drawn towards more susceptibility to attracting and collecting pollution. While some people can go completely product-free, for some it is essential to layer several chemicals to achieve the style you want. These products are textured in a way that attracts harmful elements from the environment and in turn, makes the hair sticky and heavy.


While hats never go out of fashion, they, in fact, have another purpose to serve too. Sticky products can be dust collectors so covering your hair and scalp is a good way to protect it from any airborne particles invading inside. Moreover, the hat keeps all toxic and harmful things away as well as works as a shield against the sun’s UV rays.


You might struggle to believe it but allowing a good amount of fluids inside actually, helps your hair retain their moisture for long. Staying hydrated works like wonder for your hair and pretty much every aspect of your health. Since, pollution dries out your hair and scalp, looking out for ways other than water intake is also needed. You can opt for plenty of moisturizing regiments to counteract this, for instance, hydrating masks that moisturize and strengthen hair’s natural layer.


Start your routine with coating your hair with an ample soft conditioner. Deep conditioners are a great way to repair damaged hair, as they penetrate deep into the hair hydrating and repairing it for the long run. Since over-styling and overuse of hair colors and heat tend to weaken the roots, a deep conditioner is a sure-fire way to counteract that. Plus, you’ll get to flaunt your smooth locks as the cherry on top!


Styling isn’t bad if only you knew how to do it in a way that minimizes the damage. Remind yourself to always use a heat-protecting product while using heat devices like a straighter, curling iron or hairdryer. Also, don’t give yourself a hard time brushing your hair too hard as it is more susceptible to fall out. This way you can avoid the damage.

Now that you know the key points to follow, make sure to use safe and better hair-care products. Avizano is a brand you should certainly to ditch the chemical-laden shampoos and reap the benefits of healthy, happy hair.

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